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ElisaWelcome to KidKlick, your destination for the best of Brazil’s children fashion. I created KidKlick because I wanted parents like myself to have the opportunity to shop a carefully curated collection of Brazil’s stylish and high-quality children's apparel. Our collection is characterized by vibrant prints, bright colors and playful outfits that let kids be kids!

Since having my son in 2008 and my daughter two years later, I have loved outfitting them in the brands I now represent at KidKlick. As I made my way through the shops of Brazil, I couldn’t help but notice the workmanship, quality and overall value of what I found. The outfits are bold, contemporary, and comfortable. After hearing one too many times, “Where did you get their clothes/ shoes?” and “I wish I could get that here,” I decided to start KidKlick. I proudly bring you a hand-picked selection of my favorite brands. Your shopping experience with us should mirror that of going to a small multi-label store: We strive to provide you with attentive service and a large variety of choices. And because we only stock a limited number of pieces for each size, your kids’ style will be truly unique! Our initial focus is on clothes and shoes for children age 1 – 14. Our expansion plans includes adding a collection for babies as well as bathing suits and accessories in the near future. Stay tuned!

I was born and raised in Brazil and I moved to the United States in my early 20s. I lived in New York City for nine years and I now live in Los Angeles with my husband and two amazing kids.

Thanks so much for stopping by and being a part of the KidKlick community. I look forward to welcoming you as one of our customers.

Tchau :-)


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