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My morning hack

I have a confession to make: My kids go to sleep dressed to go to school.

A couple of years ago, I realized how hard it was to get them ready and out the door in time for school. Between packing lunches, giving them breakfast, making sure they brush their teeth, getting myself ready to go to work and inhaling my coffee, I wanted to have one less thing to worry about. Getting everyone ready in the morning is the most stressful part of my day. And my day is only starting.

If I get in the car with the kids and realize I didn't forget something, it's a win. If they haven’t spilled their breakfast or forgotten their homework, and If I can go through the whole thing without yelling, it's a huge win.

I am not a morning person, mind you. Brazilians are notorious for being late. And I married someone, not Brazilian, who is also notorious for being late. Yeah, I know, what could go wrong? It is one thing to miss flights here and there or to excuse yourself to your friends because you're late for dinner, but you do not want, as a parent, to get your kids kicked out of school because you cannot be on time. I had to adjust to a new normal, which means I cannot be late.

So the whole going to bed dressed to go to school started around two years ago, when my daughter was four. She began having "clothing crises" in the mornings. “I want to wear this”- take off pajamas, put them back on - “No, I want to wear that shirt” - take the shirt off, put another one on, only to change her mind over and over again. At around the same time, my son, who was six, decided to completely ignore any sense of style. He would only want to wear his most raggedy pants and t-shirts, which were way too small for him. They were still in his closet because he was “attached” to them. He’s a Cancer, so If you are into signs, you'll appreciate what I'm dealing with.

He also refused to comb his hair or wear underwear. I’d take one look at him in the morning and think to myself, “I cannot let him go out like that.” So between my four-year-old daughter acting like a teenager and my six-year-old son getting his fashion inspiration from Venice Beach boardwalk, I decided something had to change. We did away with pajamas and never looked back...They're still required to brush their teeth ;-) Now if only I could go to bed dressed for work.

So, this is my morning hack. I know we all have hacks that help us get through the day. What are yours?!?

XO, Elisa

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