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KidKlick offers a curated collection of Brazil’s stylish, joyful and high-quality children’s apparel. We carry a wide variety of boys and girls clothing with sizes ranging from 1 – 12. Thanks so much for stopping by. We look forward to welcoming you as one of our customers!

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Double Straps Dress
Belted Flower Dress
Printed Skort & Top Set
Daisies Dress
Daisies Dress
Girls Crystal Embellished-Strap Mary Jane in Patent Pink (Sizes 9.5 Little Kid - 2.5 Big Kid)
Girls Butterflies Mary Jane in Navy (Sizes 9.5 Little Kid - 2.5 Little Kid)
Girls "Sunshine" Perforated Sandal in Gold (Sizes 11.5 Little Kid - 6.5 Big Kid)
Girls Butterflies Sandal in Pink (Sizes 9.5 Little Kid - 5 Big Kid)
Polo & Shorts Set
Polo & Denim Shorts Set
Polo & Belted Shorts Set
T-Shirt & Twill Shorts Set
Boys Leather Shoes in Navy and Caramel (Sizes 7 Toddler - 10.5 Little Kid)
Boys Slip-On Leather Shoes in Navy (Sizes 7 Toddler - 6.5 Big Kid)
Boys Leather Shoes with Double Velcro Strap (Sizes 7 Toddler - 10.5 Little Kid)
Stylish Boys Leather Casual Shoes KidKlick


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